Your EHR is capable of more.
We make it possible.

Juxly delivers data to provider workflows to improve productivity and patient outcomes. 

“... Technology must be user-centered and support physicians, not distract them.”

Andy Slavit, Acting CMS Administrator
J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, January 11th, 2016

Our passion is optimizing provider productivity.

EHR systems generally aren't designed with clinicians in mind. Our products are. Founded by physicians and technology experts who understand that user experience is paramount, Juxly uses technology to simplify the complexity of healthcare IT without limiting the options of providers.

We build provider-facing applications that:

  • Integrate simply and easily within existing EHRs.
  • Provide front-line medical staff with unparalleled usability.
  • Free providers to focus their time on patient care.

From simplified visit note generation to intuitive views of patient history to accurate HCC coding at the point of care, we treat software as a tool to improve the care providers can offer patients.