Our Story

At Juxly, we know how physicians think.

Our Team


Tyler Abele

Technical Lead

Tyler, the only legit barista among us, came from the world of construction management via a second degree in Computer Information Systems. Passionate about the details and with a strong eye for design you’ll often find him obsessing over a user experience or diving deep into a new technology.


Jeff Bond

Chief Strategy Officer

After helping to found Cox HealthPlans in 1993, Jeff Bond took over as CEO in 2002. He played an instrumental role in leading the organization into value-based care, becoming the System Leader in 2013 for the Bundled Payments for Care Improvement demonstration (BPCI). Jeff also served as Chairman of the Board for the Missouri High Risk Pool from 2010 until 2014.


Howard Follis, M.D.

President & CEO

Howard Follis, a practicing urologist, is a physician with a deep passion for usability in medical software. He started Juxly with the mission to provide discrete point-of-care apps that reduce complexity for providers and enhance their ability to provide the best possible patient care.


Mark Gidman

Chief Technology Officer

With a knack for seeing things a little differently, Mark has helped to deliver breakthrough technology solutions in philanthropy, insurance, and healthcare since the turn of the century. Whether writing code or fussing over a presentation, you’ll find him in the mix, doing what needs to be done. Software development is a team sport, and Mark loves to play.


James Ingold

Technical Lead

A one-stop-shop for web apps, James can code the MVP before your coffee gets cold in the kickoff meeting. With an eye for critical path, he excels at delivering the core workflow and creating a rallying point for the team. If you can find him, maybe you can hire: The James Team. (Not really. He’s ours.)


Justin McMahan

Software Engineer

When Gandalf has questions about health information technology, he calls Justin. JT cut his software development teeth building an EMR in the early 2000s and has been getting better ever since. His meticulous attention to detail and deep understanding of data structures and the regulatory space make him an indispensable part of our team.


Leonard Museau

Software Engineer

Not only is Leonard a skilled musical composer, he's also lean, hungry, and instantly ready to jump in and write code. His cat Rengar is named for a similarly injured character on LoL, and his average Rubik's cube completion time is less than 60 seconds.


Keith Owens

Director of Communications

A writer at heart, Keith's experience in software development enables him to bridge the gap between business communication and technical requirements. He maintains a life-long infatuation with the efficacious use of explicitly correct vocabulary—for each individual circumstance—whenever possible.


Jesse Stewart

Software Engineer

Jesse kayaks, backpacks, and rides a motorcycle. Clearly, he's cooler than the rest of us. The stylish haircut above stands in stark contrast to his once-lengthy farmboy locks. His passion for design is exceeded only by the passionate joy he receives from discovering solutions to the trickiest problems.

Our Goal

Enhance provider productivity by partnering with EHRs to improve:


Increase physician efficiency when interacting with EHRs.


Enhance patient & physician interactions during office visits.

Patient Care

Improve patient care during office visits.


Reduce clicks & multiple page views.

Our Philosophy

We maintain a clear and focused approach to delivering high quality, intuitively usable tools that support the entire health care vertical.

“At Juxly, we are changing what is possible by allowing physicians to get back to helping patients. Juxly Timeline allows providers to rapidly review their patients' charts with a single click on a single screen. This is the first in a suite of products that we are actively building for EHR users.”

Charles W. Dunn, M.D.
Founder, Juxly User