We're Not Just Experienced Developers. We're Experienced Healthcare Developers.

Juxly has established a deep expertise in FHIR development, and we have connected to a variety of EHRs. If your health system is looking for custom functionality, or if you have an idea for a killer app, we can help.



FHIR Expertise

We effectively use the FHIR standard for our own apps, and you can trust us to use that expertise to make your healthcare IT ideas a reality.

SMART Development

We've embedded applications inside multiple EHRs from multiple vendors by utilizing the SMART Health IT platform, which also supports connecting external apps to EHRs.

Broadly Experienced, Deeply Skilled

When it comes to technology, Juxly is adaptive and flexible. We meet each individual need with the best available technological fit, and fully appreciate having the right tool for a particular application. Below are just a few of the technologies in our toolbox.

FHIR Up Your Team

Our developers will be happy to come onsite and work hands-on with your IT staff to share our knowledge of FHIR and the powerful solutions it can bring your organization. Contact us today to schedule a workshop.

We're not just experienced developers. We're experienced healthcare developers.

This isn't our first rodeo.

The Juxly staff includes seasoned veterans of the healthcare software industry—some of us have spent our entire career in the space. So it's not just that we know how to develop successful software. We also have a deep understanding of the terminology, regulations, and particular hurdles unique to creating solutions that address the complex needs of the healthcare industry.

And FHIR isn't our only trick. Let us know what you need, and we'll let you know how we can get it done.


We develop software in deliberately nimble processes. We expect sudden adjustments to direction, and we rapidly respond to change as it happens.


We firmly believe in clear, frequent, no-holds-barred communication. Our clients know everything there is to know about the progress of their projects.


We break delivery into the smallest possible pieces to ensure clients can see progress as it happens. No big-bang releases, just iterative improvements.

“I have never seen a group of developers deliver impactful applications as quickly and effectively as the Juxly team.”

Mark Gidman
Chief Technologist

Let Us Help You Meet Your Goals.

Tell us a bit about what you're looking for and how to reach you, and we'd be happy to discuss how Juxly Development can turn your ideas into working applications. We look forward to working with you.