Patient Data Like You've Never Seen It Before.

Juxly Timeline integrates with your EHR to display a patient’s entire record in a unified chronological view. Quickly expand details, filter results, and easily find all of the data you need to enable the best possible health care outcome for your patient.


Chronological View

Scroll back in time to see the patient information—spanning multiple encounters—to provide the best possible care.

Access Details

View office visits, phone notes, procedure notes, pathology, X-ray reports, and more directly from the main screen.

Whole Patient

Sidebar access to allergies, social history, immunizations, and medications, in addition to a flowsheet view of labs and vitals.

Convenient Filtering

Restrict the display to only the data you need in the moment, whether that be a subset of labs or only your encounters.


With straightforward chronological ordering, natural filters, and readily accessible details, Juxly Timeline shows providers the information they need in a way that supports their workflow.


Fewer clicks means less time at the terminal and more time with the patient. We keep the most important data available so you don't have to scour multiple pages looking for the facts you need.


When seconds count, providers need the right information fast. Timeline enables rapid diagnostic & treatment decisions by ensuring that the data they need is close at hand.

“I use Timeline to quickly and easily review patient records. Timeline brings patient information that is traditionally scattered throughout the chart into one chronological view. Its easy filters allow me to then find just the data I need to make important decisions regarding their care.
Timeline has improved my efficiency and improved my interactions with patients at the point of care. ”

Louis Krenn MD
Chief Medical Information Officer, CoxHealth

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We would be pleased to provide everyone in your practice two weeks with Timeline to try it on for size. Simply send us your email address and we'll get the process started. We're certain that you'll quickly see the benefits of viewing patient records in Juxly Timeline.

Juxly Timeline

Juxly Timeline complements other apps in the Juxly suite, such as Notes and Vault.